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Spectre UI motion graphics by Rushes

All the on-set UI screen graphics for latest Bond flick, SPECTRE were created by Soho-based Rushes. Over a 13 month period of working on the 24th 007 film, from pre-production through to post, in total Rushes created more than an hours’ worth of animations and motion graphic sequences that furnished ...

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Felipe Massa gets behind the wheel of the Jaguar C-X75


Brazilian Formula 1 racing driver Felipe Massa got a chance to get behind the wheel of the fabulous Jaguar C-X75 that features in the latest Bond film SPECTRE. Driven by henchman Mr. Hinx (played by Dave Bautista), the car is involved in a breakneck car chase with Bond’s Aston Martin ...

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The evolution of James Bond’s car


One of the most notable features of every James Bond film is the car our favourite secret agent drives. Whether you prefer the classic Aston Martin DB5, a bulky Lotus Esprit, a BMW coupe or indeed the slick new DB10 of ‘SPECTRE’…they have all been seen in Bond films over ...

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OMEGA reveals the new 007 watches

OMEGA brand ambassador Daniel Craig returns in the 24th Bond film, in which 007 infiltrates a secret meeting and uncovers the existence of the sinister organisation known as SPECTRE. He will of course be wearing his signature timepiece. A source of pride, as this is the 20th anniversary of OMEGA’s partnership ...

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James Bond Car Drag Race

Ever wondered which of the many vehicles featured in the James Bond film franchise is the fastest if there would ever be a drag race? Using official engine stats and expert advice, UK startup company JustPark have carried out the necessary research to make exactly that happen by taking a ...

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Impressive James Bond Car Parade in Paris, France

bond cars paris

It certainly isn´t an unusual sight to see expensive luxury cars on the streets of Paris, France, but this Sunday was a bit different. Almost 20 exclusive vehicles hit the most prominent roads of the French capital and they have all been featured in James Bond films – from the ...

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Aston Martin DB10 Walkaround & Drive

A very nice video of the Aston Martin DB10 was uploaded by Shmee150 yesterday. Shmee150 is the personal brand of Tim Burton, a.k.a. ‘Shmee’, who travels the world to seek out the greatest and most exclusive automotive content possible. With a vast social media following across the world, Shmee is ...

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‘World of Espionage’ mobile game fails to impress

While eagerly awaiting the next Bond film to be released, getting into the mood is almost mandatory for the huge international fan community. Some do it with watching the older Bond films for the billionth time while others resort to unearthing the classic Nintendo64 from the dusty cellar to enjoy ...

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Spy Museum Berlin to open on September 19

Berlin, 18 September 2015 The Spy Museum Berlin will open its doors on September 19 right in the heart of Berlin. Thereby, the “Capital of Spies” finally gets its long overdue exhibition about the shadow world of espionage – 25 years after the end of the cold war. „The cold ...

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SPECTRE cars at the IAA Motor Show [UPDATE]

Jaguar, Aston Martin and Land Rover have all presented their vehicles and now it is time for an update with new details, photos and videos from the event.

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